Course Measurement for USATF Certification

USA Track & Field certification means road race course measurement follows UASTF procedures for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and other distances. When you have identified a course that is close to the correct length, but needs to be measured for USATF certification and accuracy, TX Course Works will:

1) Accurately measure your race course in compliance will all USATF procedures and submit the documentation to USATF for certification and addition to the USATF database of certified courses.

2)  Provide a high quality course map (no hand drawn messy documents) showing all mile-points with a detailed description of the location of all pertinent points so the client can easily locate the splits. Additionally, your course map will be posted at See examples here.

3) Mark the Start, Finish, and all pertinent splits, with (where permitted) survey nails/washers, and/or paint marking using temporary marking paint. Painting will consist of lettering and a small stripe sufficient for the race organizers to lay out the course but with minimum visual impact on public streets. Will also provide geo-tagged photos of every split with GPS data for easy location.

4) Provide a “USATF Certified Course” sign to display at your event.

Course Design/Modification

Whether starting from scratch or modifying an existing concept, I can put together a great course that meets your event’s criteria. Well designed courses are mindful of runner safety, volunteer and police involvement, avoiding bottlenecks or other course impediments. I’m both a runner and run organizer myself, so I look at courses from both a runner’s perspective and a race director’s perspective.

Course Marking

If you have an existing certified course that just needs to be remarked prior to your event, I can help, even if measured by someone else. Course marking includes marking the Start, Finish, and all pertinent splits, with (where permitted) nails/washers, and/or paint marking using temporary marking chalk spray paint in addition to directional arrows painted at every turn. In addition to physical markers, I provide clients with geo-tagged photos of every split with GPS data for easy location.

Course Mapping

Don’t settle for messy hand drawn course maps that are difficult to read and unpleasant to look at. We can create fresh course maps of any existing course for print and online marketing needs. All maps are created in vector format and are scalable without loss to any dimensions you need. Final files will be provided in JPG, PNG, EPS and/or PDF formats per client request. See sample courses for examples. Also, upon request, digital course maps can be provided in GPX, KML (Google Earth), or TCX (Garmin map) format, which may be useful for your planning team or lead cyclists on race day.

Course Preview Video

Need promotional material to help generate excitement for your upcoming event? A course preview video might do the trick. Let us create a high speed video of your course set to fun music and including mile marker graphics.  Contact us for a quote for services customized to your needs.

Sample video